Farmington Hills or Ann Arbor?

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

AJ7400 Welcome to Michigan Sign at State Border
AJ7400 Welcome to Michigan Sign at State Border

Michigan is one of the states of united states of america. Michigan has a mesmerizing beauty. Michigan is surrounded by four great lakes and thus is also known as the The great lakes state. Michigan offers its visitors some jaw dropping and eye popping beautiful sites to be admired. Michigan made its name in the list of the most beautiful sites in the world. Beautiful lakes, amazing beaches and alluring towns adds to the charm and beauty of Michigan. Michigan has a charm of its own. Here is a list of some of the amazing sites that celebrates the beauty of Michigan.

South haven : This is a beautiful town of Michigan known for its lighthouses. The area of south Haven has alluring trails, pretty lakes and elegant golf courses all around. It is a never before and never after experience at South Haven.

Traverse city: Traverse city is one of the major tourist attractions of Michigan. This place is best for people who would love outdoor recreational activities like biking, kayaking, hiking and boating. It is a great place for shopping and satisfying your taste buds. The sleeping bar dunes is the best place to visit here. It is also known for its locksmith companies like City Locksmith

Grand rapids: This place has many pretty and mesmerizing lakes and beaches as well. The sunsets here are worth watching. It has many museums, numerous amazing shopping locations and restaurants that will delight your taste buds.

Marquette: This is yet another beautiful city of alluring Michigan and is located alongside lake superior. This city has many beautiful parks, beaches and many recreational activities.This city is a popular site for recreational activities like skiing, golfing and fishing. It is the top biking hub of the nation United states.

Charleviox : This city is surrounded by four water bodies and is impeccably beautiful. It offers its visitors views of the Michigan lake as well as Charleviox lake. It has numerous shopping spots, art galleries, walking trails, and is a hub for water sports.It offers many recreational activities like biking, fishing, sailing,hiking, horse back riding. Its has a very famous south Pier lighthouse and is popular for its golf courses.

Isle Royale: This is an island located on the great lakes. The island can be reached only by a boat. This place is full of stunning and sensational lakes. It has gained much fame because of its beautiful waters and spectacular forest. It offers many recreational activities that interests its visitors like: camping boating, hiking, fishing and kayaking.

ann arbor

Ann Arbor: This place is famous for its Michigan university. This place attracts many visitors throughout the year. This place is best known for the views of Huron river that it offers. This city has many beautiful trees and spectacular forests that is why it is nicknamed as “Tree Town”. The Hurion river that flows through the town creates an amazing worth watching ambience. It is a live egample of nature’s scenic beauty.

One for all Michigan is a place and one can be spellbound by the beauty of Michigan. Learn more here